CE and IEC Conformity

CE The European Union has enacted comprehensive directives for product safety and environmental compatibility. These regulations are being continually extended and provide, implemented in the respective national legislation, for the safe use of products by the user as well as the proper disposal of equipment after the end of its service life. A manufacturer confirms that his product, when marked with the CE sign, conforms to the relevant regulations. IEC
Is the International Electrical Commission. It establishes international standards for electrical and electronic equipment and components. With EU agreement and ultimately national standardisation and legislation, these recommendations become binding. An example of IEC and CE conformity: Loudspeaker connection terminals on audio equipment and indeed loudspeakers and amplifiers in general must be shock hazard protected, as long as it cannot be ruled out that they produce more than 34.5 volts at the loudspeaker terminals.  As a consequence, WBT offers an ever widening range of fully insulated pole terminals. With the newest product, the nextgen terminal WBT-0710 we have succeeded in concealing the insulation beneath polished metal. In addition, for some time now, loudspeaker plugs may no longer be offered in a ‘plugged-in condition’ with a bare metal conductor area. (See the Safety Pin Banana WBT-0645 and the Sandwich Spades WBT-0680/-0660, whereby the Safety Pin, which may not be permitted in accordance with the ban on standard banana plugs derived from the CE, can be used because of the shock hazard protection). The fact that loudspeaker amplifier connections must be performed with cables which require a plug or similar connection at both ends continues to be a safety problem, when loudspeaker ratings of more than 150 watt are ‘plugged’.

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