And this is what the press reports:

November 2011

STEREO, Ukraine

July 2010

Le Magazine "Sons & Image", France

May 2008

hi-fi+, United Kingdom

[Sonic performance of WBT's nextgen series demonstrated to the public in 2008: at CES, the Bristol and the Munich show. Read the report of hi-fi+ chief editor Roy Gregory on all three!]

>>> Comparison of WBT-0710 Cu, WBT-0110 Cu and the brand new banana WBT-0610 Cu against 'standard' and fakes!

"(BRISTOL:) The set up allowed us to change interconnects and speaker terminals in turn - and each time the difference was clearly audible. But the real shock was going from the all-NextGen to the all-fake set up, a difference that can only be described as huge. The music went from interesting, engaging, intimate and enjoyable to a disjointed, grainly nasty and frankly rather unpleasant facsimile of itself. Indeed, it was hard to credit that this was the same track. And note that these were not fancy, high-priced cables in some super critical system.

MUNICH: Using the fake plugs and speaker terminals turned the music into a flat, two-dimensional collage ... compare that to the solid, three-dimensional, coherent whole presented by the NextGens and that's quite a shock.

CONCLUSION: Impressive stuff for just a couple of connectors!" (Roy Gregory)

June 2007

HaziMozi, Hungary

April 2007

fidelity, Norway

August 2006

AV Review, Japan

April 2006

fidelity, Norway

March 2005

UHF, Canada

March 2005

hi-fi+, United Kingdom

[Listening test of the nextgen RCA plug WBT-0110]

>>> Comparison of plugs: nextgen WBT-0110 copper, Bullet silver plug, Neutrik

"Turning to the WBTs we find a different but ultimatively even more impressive performance! Greater low-frequency clarity and definition, tone and texture. Indeed, the tonal balance of the WBT plugs is more natural, along with more dimensional images and greater musical presence and body.

THE UPSHOT: The WBT-0110 Cu genuinely does represent the first example of the Next Generation. Expect ot see a lot of them; cost effective, mechanically adept and sonically supreme, at least for the present, there is no excuse not to use them.

Now, if we could only persuade hardware manufacturers to fit the sockets we could be onto something really good ... ." (Roy Gregory)

February 2005

GM2000, Thailand

January 2005

Audio Cité, Taiwan

July 2004

GM2000, Thailand

July 2004

New Audiophile, China (PROC)

June 2004

Lyd & Bilde, Norway

April 2004

AudioMagazine, Russia

February 2004

Stereo, Japan

January 2004

Audio & Home Theater, Korea

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