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Product piracy is no trivial offense

The general public is more aware of brand piracy where luxury goods are concerned. It is not widely known that the hi-fi industry is also seriously affected.

Brand piracy is a serious problem for the manufacturers and users of quality branded products.

In recent years the circulation of counterfeit products has reached such enormous dimensions that the world-wide economy is affected.

Consumers suffer from counterfeit products because the counterfeits are usually not recognisable as such but have a poorer performance and durability. In the worst case, they can severely damage other hardware.

This in turn has a negative impact on the manufacturers, whose brand image can be seriously damaged.

WBT is aware of the fact that counterfeit of WBT connectors are circulating not only within Europe but also world-wide. We are committed to removing these illegal products from the market and will prosecute vigorously in the criminal and/or civil courts manufacturers and distributors who undermine the integrity of the WBT brand by their activities.

Remember: if the price is too good to be true you are probably not buying genuine WBT connectors! If you are not sure of your connectors´origin, contact your WBT dealer or WBT directly! We will help you verify your purchase.

WBT-Industrie GmbH
Telefon:0049 2054 – 87552 -50

We would like to present our new packaging

Have you noticed anything about our packaging lately? You might have seen two equal products in your dealer´s shop, however the packaging looked somehow different? Don´t worry – banana plugs remain banana plugs, and pole terminals remain pole terminals – we will not change anything on our WBT quality.

Nevertheless, we have matched the layout.

We have optimized our design. The differences are visible at a glance. The imprint of the product groups is capitalized in order to guarantee a better identification of them. What we have also pointed out more clearly is the information on the important criteria such as environmental friendliness and the country of origin - it becomes apparent at first sight that our products are made completely in Germany. Different color design in combination with typical patterns underlines the modern appearance.

Transition to the new packaging will take place step by step in our production facilities.

Have you discovered our new packaging on store shelves yet?

How do you like the new design? We do look forward to receiving your feedback under

The Lord of the hi-fi interfaces

Special-Print published by Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung (Newspaper), Germany

download the special-print

There it is at last!

Heavenly light & devilischly good
WBT has launched its 3rd magazine

This time we deal with the CES in Las Vegas and launch the new “white series”. You will certainly find as always a detailed list of all WBT products there.

The 3rd issue of the WBT magazines is ready now for download.

Now available also in Chinese:

WBT-Magazine download (englisch)

WBT-Magazine download (chinese)

nextgen™ in its purest form

The new pole terminals
WBT-0703 and WBT-0708

The latest offspring pole terminals WBT-0703 and WBT-0708 are dignified offshoots of their big sisters WBT-0705 and WBT-0710.
Only by dropping the gold plated decorative covering rings and pressure nut caps we were able to reduce their costs by as much as 50%.

They bring the high-efficient technology
to the point.

Datasheet WBT-0703

Datasheet WBT-0708

(Available as Cu- and Ag-version.)

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