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WBT-signet protects you against fakes!

This is how an unmistakable mark for interior quality looks like. It’s round, charcoal colored, with red WBT logo und has approx. 2 cm diameter. Since spring 2010 it has been available for manufacturers who want to mark their products with this new WBT-signet. At least when the innovative WBT technology is responsible for the highest sound quality in your hi-fi equipment.

The special 2c procedure and the precise application of high quality functional materials make WBT-signet forgery-proof. This way it protects you against low-grade fakes and copies of high quality WBT products. With WBT-signet you can recognize at first sight what gets visible when ones examines the gadget thoroughly and opens it: the use of high quality WBT connectors provides for clear, neat and interference-free high-end sound.

Where there is a WBT-signet on the outside, there is WBT quality on the inside.

The WBT-signet

forgery-proof and made of several components:

  1. Basic part made of polycarbonate
  2. Logo signet made of elastomer
  3. Adhesive film for WBT-signet made of polystyrene