Coal, steel and signal conductors

The Ruhr metropolis has many varied faces, where once coal was mined and steel boiled, today also first-class WBT connectors are manufactured.

In the heart of the Ruhr Area, in Essen-Kettwig, the connectors smithy has been operating its business for more than 25 years. It´s where WBT develops and produces top quality connectors. High performance products are being manufactured here out of a hybrid composition of the finest functional materials. High-end quality 100% Made in Germany!

Today the products are characterized not only by secure grip, constant contact pressure and brilliant sound quality, but also advanced technology. 
Purposeful handling of raw materials – like copper, silver and gold – was the genesis of developing WBT´s innovative product line nextgen™. Through reduction to essentials, nextgen™ enables to optimize the sound quality of the entire audio chain.

The Ruhr metropolis has undergone a structural change, and so has the world of connectors.